Once Upon a Transcendent Realm

This first book reveals spiritual insights and otherworldly encounters with angels, demons, and otherworldly beings which eventually led to heaven.

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The Artwork

If you'd like to see some of my art you can follow this link, or you can email me if you're interested in having some of my art for yourself.

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Eternus Spirare

This second book is revealing of the virtues, morals, and principles which helped allow for the face to face meetings and transcendent experiences with God.

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Spirituality Insight

Spiritual insight and perspective, this website was created to help us better understand the upright path and how to walk it. Thanks for visiting.

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One of These Days

This third book was written to help us understand the path of the righteous and the adversity brought about from unrighteousness. Its being transcribed now.

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This transcendent journey begins.