I walked with Father God, He totally blessed me!

Now I'm co-creating life with The Holy Trinity
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"Creating life is a love affair with God." - James Martinez


"Once Upon a Transcendent Realm", "Eternus Spirare", and "One of These Days" Currently at work writing a few new manuscripts.


Inspired from my visits up to heaven & the transcendent walks I've had with God (The Holy Trinity). Visit www.AswanCreations.com


Capturing beautiful images that touch my heart, & hoping to inspire you to life. Personal/Business/Event/Nature/B&W/Artistic


Telling of this transcendent story, creating videos, shorts & docu's. (I AM - Beyond Yonder Films/Aswan Creations LLC)

Hello and welcome to my site. I AM an author, a writer, a poet, a photographer, a minister, a filmmaker and a business man who's been blessed by God our Father in an extraordinary way. I was given the special gift of being called up to meet with The Creator, The One who made it all - you know Jesus' Father. The Beginning and The End of all things - I'm talking of God Almighty, The person I call friend. Our Father God. He's shared so much with me and now I share it with everyone who comes in close and listens to the truth.

I know how hard it is out there thinking you're alone in this world. I was once misled in the dark before too. I know the way to life now though. I hope you'll take a moment to become acquainted with the blessings God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit have given. I share them with everyone. I tell you God's changed the world in an extraordinary way and He's allowed for me to be part of it for a very very very long time now.

I'd be the first to share that I didn't use to know the way of life, not until God helped me get past myself and the ways of the world. Now I co-create it with Him. In-fact I bare witness to and for God (The Holy Trinity). I also write spiritually inspired books revealing of the spiritual insights and otherworldly discoveries I uncovered along the way. I'm currently recreating events/locations through artworks, the heavenly places I've visited and the course of events that have now changed. I'm sharing this journey visually as well through film-works that I'm producing with my new company Aswan Creations LLC.

I'm an artisan and a business man working to tell our story through moving pictures so everyone can see how this journey actually happened. Our business (Aswan Creations LLC) is creating the documentary, making informative videos, producing shorts and striving toward feature Films in the near future.

Since finding God, I've dedicated my life to Him and now we work together at delivering His messages. We've just started our ministry and I invite you to visit our  new website www.JamesMartinezMinistries.org to learn more of what it is God and I are doing to help the world become an even greater place. We're officially recognized as a 501c3 charity in the State of Texas.

Thank you for visiting my personal website, God bless you. I pray your blessings are multiplied and I'm hoping everything wonderful for you and your family. Grace to you my friends,
James Martinez


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