"231" from James Martinez

Created to inspire the connections between truth and beauty.

"707" from James Martinez

Created in memory of our Transcendent journey, it represents the moment I broke Abu Simbel with God our Father and Jesus Christ 3280 yrs ago.

"1050" from James Martinez

Created to remind us of how faith and hearing God go hand in hand with his truthful word.

"516" from James Martinez

Created to represent the feeling of being love, beauty, and grace in every moment and in every place.

James Martinez - Spiritual Man of God, Author/Writer/Poet/Artist


Love never fails nor does it want - it's longs for unconditional endearment. It lives forever and is patient with everything & everyone. Loves the beginning & the end of all things. I hope for love, for without it what's the point.


Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. My friends with faith in God you have everything; faith in God is confidence in him and confidence in him is confidence within our selves.


Relying on the integrity of anyone or anything is difficult when you attempt to place trust in something or someone who's imperfect. Place your hope, faith, & trust in the one who doesn't fail ~ Trust in God.


Grace to you now; show everyone the same love and mercy God shows to you, whether you think they're deserving of it or not, For truly we're all blessed by Gods divine grace within each moment of our every day.

I've met with God The Father, The Lord Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit here on earth and up in heaven. I've Transcendend the creation with them and asked to write and reveal the experiences of these divine encounters. I hope to help others bridge the gap of any spiritual misunderstandings through these works/teachings and writings.

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