Hello, welcome to my site my name’s James. This is my first official blog post.
James Martinez website logo - 2017

I will be blogging and posting regularly here so I encourage you to come back and visit often. I’ll be writing on topics such as other-worldly (absolute) truth, spiritual/material insight, (the way the world works) & the spirit, the truth of life/afterlife and also on different experiences I’ve become part of with God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. (The walks and Transcendent Journey’s I’ve taken with The Holy Trinity)

If you struggle with faith and belief (in God), don’t worry they’ll be plenty of subject matter here for you to practice gathering the knowledge required to fathom the spiritual truth. I plan on sharing everything God’s revealed unto me. I tell you now, I’ve been up to heaven, I’ve seen the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd heavens. God has revealed Himself to me. I’ve walked with both Father God and Jesus Christ. Father God filled me with The Holy Spirit. I now follow Jesus’ path. “The Way”

Not to put anyone down or cause any sort of debate over these spiritual insights, I’m sure the religious understandings so many are brought up with have helped to guide them to exactly where they are in life. I have however, been taught by God Almighty Himself. I’ve been so blessed beyond measure and I’ve been given some of the most incredible experiences/insights that I’ve not been able to find anywhere else. With this being said when I share these insights and perspectives they’re not coming from a place of uncertainty or doubt. I’m not giving an opinion on what I think this or that could be, I’m sharing factually and truthfully on the world we live in, how it works, why it is the way it is, and most importantly – how God asks us to live and why. I do hope you pay close attention.

I’ve literally been through heaven and hell and I’ve learned not only what life is about here on earth but I can share with you how to go about doing things in a way that not only keeps a person from sending themselves to hell, but helps them make it to heaven after-life.

Stay tuned for more updates and blog posts soon. Also there’s a link to my YouTube and Soundcloud accounts where I’ll be creating and producing new content regularly there as well. I hope you’ll subscribe to my channels and come back often for insightful views.

Thank you kindly and God bless you my friends,