Author, Artist, Poet, Writer, Photographer, Filmmaker, Minister, Business man.

About James Martinez

There's really so much to say, Once I was lost but now I AM found. I'm a faithful man who was given heavenly views of God's Creation. I met with God our Father The One who made it all. Through our visits I found myself friends with The One who has and does it all. I follow Jesus because God our Father revealed to me that is "The Way" we're meant to live which is pleasing to Him.

I didn't use to know "The Way" or how the world really works, nor did I realize that it wasn't about me. I knew there was something missing from my understanding of life and I felt needed to know what it was, so I went looking for The Truth. I went looking for answers. I went looking for God and I made a resolution not to stop until I found what I sought.

I realize how challenging the concept of a person seeing God may seem, many still harbor reservations about what's possible, and so many others chose to live in fear doubting everything including their selves. Looking back to how I use to be though, I find it amazing God would use someone like who I was in order to bring something so wonderful into life. Its taken many years of search both inward and outwardly to find Him, and I didn't just go find Him in a book or in a church either. I found Him up in heaven, (literally), and have since dedicated my entire life to Him.

Before I knew God or rather before I was known by Him, I lived in the dark suffering myself and the world like so many people today. I was lost and didn't know I was lost, that's how lost I was. I was blind and in the dark suffering greatly. I spent years searching for the understanding to the spiritual awakening I had undergone. That awakening started me on a journey that would eventually led me to be in the direct presence of God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. (The Holy Trinity.)

I'm writing of face to face encounters with Our Heavenly Father and The Lord Jesus Christ.

Father God taught me directly (from 2009-2011) He helped me let go of the past in order to strive for the future. He helped me understand how to live in unity with Him. (togetherness) He taught me of virtue mercy, patience, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. Ultimately He taught me of His love and how to live upright within it.

He showed me uprightness and revealed His good morals. He cleansed my spirit, purified my soul and sanctified me in His righteousness. He changed me from the old person I use to be into a new creation altogether and in the process we changed the world in a way that only He can. (we changed history) God's big like that!

Then He asked me to write for Him, God our Father The Creator of all life, along with Jesus Christ The Lord and Savior of this world, asked me to write and share these experiences with the world.

I accepted the job.

I literally put everything else aside to do what was asked. I died to myself in the flesh and learned to follow in the steps of Christ. (spiritually speaking) This journey has been challenging, God told me anything worth doing is never easy.

Because of what was asked I face ridicule, temptation, mockery, and persecution from others who knew not what I was doing. God literally took me out of this world, then sent me back to deliver His messages. (there was a time when I wasn't in this world) Just like Enoch.

I'm here to remind the world of "The Way" leading to eternal life. The way revealed thousands of years ago by Jesus Christ. The narrow path to the kingdom of heaven. The way God asks us to walk every day.

We've since written the first book Once upon a Transcendent Realm while facing things like persecution. Our first book is revealing of heavenly and otherworldly experiences which are meant to reveal one of Gods great works. (A transcendent journey which took place because of God's unifying way)

The second book Eternus Spirare reveals what helped allow the revelations within the first and second books to happen. Its filled with divine perspective on virtues, morals, and principles. The sort of viewpoints I carry now because of what I've been shown with God.

My the third and fourth books One of These Days & "Untitled as of yet" are set to reveal this faithful walk, including suffering for the sake of righteousness, the persecutions of the faithful by the worldly, and the overcoming of adversity with faith and though patience. (The 3rd is already written and I'm working towards the 4th right now)

These works are meant to reveal a clearer understanding of The Word of God and His love for us as His children. There's proof of His powers in these history changing revelations. (God and I literally changed recorded human history) You read that correctly . . . We changed the past, this is His-story in the making for thousands of years leading us into revelation.

I invite you to become acquainted with a (non-fiction) transcendent story revealing of space/time, quantum symmetry, multiple dimensions, otherworldly beings and divine spiritual insight that all points to extraordinary meetings with God Our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit (The Holy Trinity) who are by grace allowing for these experiences to be known.