Aswan Creations LLC

pronounced "as one"

This business was totally something I had hoped for. Over the years God and I began working on telling the story of our transcendent journey's together. I've had the blessing of walking with Him the same way  Enoch walked with Him back in the beginning. (Genesis) It was quite the gift to say the very least. Since then I've been striving with Him to deliver His messages. It was always a dream of mine to have a video production company to help tell the story visually.  God thought it was a good idea too and this company was eventually formed. It came at the perfect time too - God has a way with delivering right on time.

Aswan Creations came about in one of the most remarkable ways. God gifted this company to me, He literally gave me the business. Over the years I'd gone through some circumstances, perhaps you've heard of them, (suffering for the sake of righteousness.)

Its not been an easy journey to bring something amazing to life. I had hoped I would have the opportunity to tell the story visually as well as through books literally.

God blessed me with both experiences.

Aswan Creations was created and given to me by a couple of close friends who thought it would be a wonderful thing for me to have. They knew of my walks and had read my books. I knew  the gift was from God and I thanked them all for such an incredible blessing.

With years of practice I was able to develop style and technique. I learned about lighting, sound, and production. It was such a gift to go through all the lessons. I knew one day it would come together for something special.

Thanks to God it has.

Aswan Creations LLc is able and capable of creating personal/business videos. We handle pre-production, production, and post production. From start to finish we film professionally. We can produce a short personal message or an hr and a half long documentary. We're creating from a loving and faithful place. Truly if you have a vision we can get you there, of if you're in need of a vision - we can help bring one to life for you.