James Martinez website logo - 2017Why do you suppose it’s so challenging for a person to have faith? Is it because it’s such a rare act to observe, or is it because some don’t grasp what faith really is? Or, maybe its that they’ve lost sight of why it’s so important to exercise one of the most important parts of our lives.

We know faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen. Faith, however, exists in a spiritual place but it’s just as real as the air we breathe and as real as the love we feel. Because of it being out of sight often its overlooked though.

And, faith varies from person to person, or rather the understanding of faith varies from person to person but faith itself is something that’s used in our everyday lives, and in so many different ways too. So it is prevalent and consistent within every part of creation.

When a person goes to work and drives themselves, they’re exercising faith, hoping and believing wholeheartedly they’ll make it there and then back home again unscathed.

As a person decides to check their mail, they’re exercising faith as they consciously make the choice to go to their mailbox, gather their mail and then return.

If we examine every one of our actions that we’ve ever taken, each act was either done faithfully or attempted unfaithfully. This is where having true understanding for how life really works becomes so important. Because what happens to us whenever we attempt an unfaithful act? The outcomes usually not what we had hoped for it to be, right?

So with this discernment of faith it’s clear to say that in by not having faith a person keeps everything from happening in the way they’d hoped for, and ultimately, it’s their lack of faith which keeps them from completing whatever it is they set out to do.

To give another example of how powerful faith is; right now, we are alive within God’s faith. Father God decided one day to create all of life. He had the idea for it. He felt it. He thought it. He spoke it and it became life.

So you and I are living within a faithful act called existence. Creation sits within this construct we all know as the universe, and contrary to what some think, there’s not one thing that can actually be accomplished without it. (every single thing requires a faithful act of some sorts for it to come to life)

This is how we’re able to create just as God does. He’s given us all the ability to co-create simply by having faith and then exercising it on Him and His promise, which says we can have and do all we can believe upon wholeheartedly and faithfully.

Why then do so many struggle with doing anything at all in life? Is it because they don’t know how to do something or other, or is it really because they’ve lost sight of who and what we’re all capable of faithfully? (I think the later)

When a person realizes they can have and do absolutely anything with God faithfully, it changes the way they’re able to live within life. Keep in mind each of us are created with abilities to bring to life the most amazing things we can imagine. Consider for a moment what happens if someone loses control of such a gift. What would that mean for their lives, how would that affect the rest of us?

Ironically this is whats observed whenever we struggle to complete anything or just as a person gives up on something they’d hope for in life. Or, whenever something doesn’t work out and people suffer because of it.

How about society as it becomes so far removed from the spiritual truth that it loses sight of its understanding of what faith really is? Ultimately what happens is it tries to do things in an unrighteous way, thus bringing to life ungodly things, as those attempting to change the loving world into something else.

My friends, its lack of faith that causes so many people to struggle with doing anything in this world. Its faith that either brings to life all we can imagine or its a lack of faith that keeps us from doing and creating all we hope for.

We’re all created with the ability to create faithfully just as God. I do hope after reading this you’ll practice developing and exercising faith and remember who you’ve been created to be. (We are all children of God and with faith in Him all things are possible)