One day I went looking for the truth.


God revealed his divine nature

Finding God in such a remarkable way revealed one of the most amazing aspects of His omnipotence. He transcends space and time, everything-everywhere all the time. He’s The Creator. After making friends with Him He showed me creation His way. He allowed for me to travel with Him through it. God our Father took me through space and time to show me how it all began.

Our friendship grew over the years. He’s taught me the importance of upright virtue, good morals, and the significance of principality. God taught me how to get through the worldly struggles we all face, with regards to our faith and beliefs. His lessons were designed to not only bring us closer to one another but to enlighten me to the point of spiritual comprehension, thus allowing for discernment of the faithful and unifying way to live with Him.

The Holy Trinity (Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit) have revealed a greater spiritual understanding. I hope for you to discover the truth of His word and how amazing it is when its applied to every moment. God truly helped me discern His ways; to grasp the path of Christ and from it I’ve found an incredible friendship that ultimately allowed me to create life in love.

These lessons revealed a true conformity and unity with God. Something we’re all meant to do in life, according to the New Testament. Its one of the lessons Jesus taught all those years ago. Its what he  meant by The Way.


Traveling with God

“Father God and Jesus Christ would often take me to far off worlds, we moved instantaneous throughout creation. God and I traveled at the speed thoughts. We visited tranquil place somewhere in creation, landscapes He’d made long ago perhaps just for our transcendent visits.” – James Martinez

He taught me all things are possible with Him.


I’ve discovered the steps that allowed for spiritual enlightenment, in-fact enlightenment ultimately led to face to face encounters with God. (The Holy Trinity) I’ve heard some say it can take a person a lifetime to obtain enlightenment, because of God I can help  a person get there in 5 minutes.

These experiences with God surpass what much of the world understands in terms of religious belief systems. This goes beyond religion. I know how difficult it must seem for some to believe, God is amazing though and because of what I’ve found, I can help others find their way through whatever they may be suffering.

We’re striving to release our works and deliver a greater spiritual understanding. Thank you for baring witness to one of God’s great works. 

God revealed Himself

When I awoke spiritually I recognized it was God who was speaking with me over the years and in so many different ways. Sometimes He spoke through music, other times in books I read. I saw He’d always been calling out to me. Unfortunately my past selfish ways were bringing to life the sort of experiences we see so many suffering through today. Its seems simple now, in order to find life we must truly lose ours.

My divine encounters first began around 2008 I wasn’t sure as to how to interpret them, curious in nature though and hoping to know the truth of life and death I sought understanding. I studied every instance of a single moment and practiced implementing everything I learned. (consciousness, energy, the science of life, the application of how to manifest things, the energy of our spirit and how we interact with the other-side of life) I needed answers.

After ten years of study one day it finally all made sense (the pieces of the puzzle of the way creation works were realized) The understanding of space and time and the connections we all share, along with everything everywhere, it all came together. I saw the way we affect life and the intricacy behind it.

It amazed me to the point I wanted to explore it even further. It was then I discovered otherworldly interactions we partake in with multi-dimensional beings. (angels/demons/spiritual persons)  I uncovered how thoughts and emotions form to create our very lives. I also found how they lead us down the path we place the most emphasis upon.

Along with this calling though comes the divine purpose; having gone through all I’ve suffered I know now whats right thanks to God, because of my difficult past I also know whats not right. Perhaps most importantly was what I uncovered about suffering needlessly. (from things like unknowingness of fear, despair, torment, and ungodliness. (worldliness)

I have understanding of the victory God gave to us all through Jesus Christ. (Our Savior) I can discern anyone’s path and help them, together with God, find their way regardless of wherever they happen to be. Its God’s light shining through me, its His grace being poured out for others.

Having found Him and gone about it in one of the most unorthodox ways revealed a great deal of insight. I’m not stuck in conformity to the world nor do I suffer it anymore. I’m able to stand upright fearlessly. I’m here to remind us of God and that He’s with us. Together were bringing the truth of our experiences to the world as we stand united in love, hopeful for the future.

I encounter many who question whether or not something like this is real or even possible. I met a pastor once who said he didn’t believe me because what I was sharing just wasn’t possible. It said so in The Holy Bible, that no one can see God. I shared with Him the first lesson God taught. God said “All things are possible with Him.” He even asked me to make it the first line of the book.

I’m here to remind us of The Way leading to life.
James Martinez - Writing in the park - 4.3.16
James Martinez 5 - Author, Artist, Poet, Photographer, Filmmaker
James Martinez - city of austin - Author, Artist, Poet

I’ve witnessed space/time and understood it. I explained remote viewing and how it works. I’ve cataloged three different variations of the out-of-body-experience and traveled through the wormhole to many different realms/dimensions. I’ve discovered extraordinary and supernatural beings beyond this world and beyond this dimension.

I’ve been so much further than what most people have ever understood of creation thus far. I found the tunnel (white light at the end of life) that so many have claimed to have witnessed. It was by Gods grace I uncovered all that I have, I share these extraordinary encounters with everyone. I went through to the other-side and learned to navigate within it and over the years ultimately I found God up in His Crystal Palace.

These divine insights didn’t just suddenly happen one day. They ensued over the course of ten years and took many more years to comprehend. I was called by The Almighty to reveal these messages. Call it fate, destiny, or predestination if you will – but I remind everyone God has a plan for life.

He loves us so much that He sent Jesus Christ to save us from sin so we’d have the possibility of a relationship with Him once again and be able to do the sort of things we’re doing now. I use to struggle with understanding and with having faith, I use to not get the reason for the atonement of Christ. It wasn’t until after God our Father taught me why that I was able to grasp the need for salvation.

God gave me the choice of life and death and I choose life. The truth literally set me free from sin and together with Him we’re now bringing this message to the world. I’m here to remind us all of the path, the truth, and the way to God Our Father in heaven.

For anyone skeptical of something like this, (unfortunately there are doubters and disbelievers out there) I invite you to come see for yourself. I challenge you to read Once upon a Transcendent Realm, there’s proof in this book. (dates, times, insights) all add up and point up to God.

I tell everyone the path Jesus showed us is The Way of The Christ, The Way to be “As One” with God. (ASWAN) The way I found thanks to Him. With God as my witness together in love we changed the creation thousands of years ago. Our message is of love and a unifying way I pray we all find and hold onto forever.

For without God and His love – there’s nothing – not even life.

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