I began Writing in 2011

Once upon a transcendent realm - 2013 (published)

Eternus Spirare - 2014 (destroyed)

Eternus Spirare rewritten - 2016 (published)

One of These Days (transcribing) - 2017

Fifth book (untitled) under development

Sixth book (untitled) under development

I AM James Martinez - Introduction

How I write
I've penned four books by hand, once written they're typed, then edited. Writing takes time, writing daily produce work. Writers write!
Team Members
God our Father's at the helm, Jesus Christ brings the truth to life, and The Holy Spirit gives the ability. Together we deliver the truth.
A transcendent realm
Once upon a transcendent realm tells of my journey to God. Blessed to walk with Him, He shared creation, now I share it with you.

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Eternus Spirare
Eternus Spirare is written from a faithful view. Destroyed once in the process. Its tells of faith, belief, hope, and trust in God.

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