Eternus Spirare was written over the course of two and a half years. It was one of the most difficult challenges I faced thus far. I suffered through several years of persecutions with my first book "Once Upon a Transcendent Realm" and this book was just as challenging to deliver. I spent 18 months in and out of jail working on writing this book.

Its a long story but basically I was being held in contempt of court for "doing what was asked of me by God." It was either tell God no I can't help you or face the opposition head on and suffer the consequences for it.

During my last stay in jail, only 5 days before my release, another inmate stole the rough draft of "Eternus Spirare", which at that time was around 375 pages. This person ripped it to shreds, put it into a bucket then placed it under a shower head to soak it through and through. It was destroyed by a misled young man who sought to get back at me for ministering God's word.

I was devastated. I worked on that book for a year and half only to have it taken like that. I prayed over it, God said not to worry, it would be rewritten.

"God said anything worth doing is never easy" - - - pick up a copy here

After being released from jail I went home and spoke with God more about what to do. I remembered my vow to write for Him and to deliver these messages, it was then I began rewriting the "Eternus Spirare" manuscript. I had saved the water soaked/destroyed manuscript and after a few weeks I reopened the bag. To my surprise there were a few chapters still in tact and somewhat legible.

I spent the next six months retyping and editing Eternus Spirare. Over the next 6 months I found an editor and together with God fashioned it into what its become today. I was moved to work with a different editor for this book. Like everything we've done together God asked me to create faithfully.

I didn't know where the funds would come from but when I needed to pay for something God would deliver the amount needed. The just shall live by faith, this verse is absolutely true. I discovered that being part of something as extraordinary as this meant having faith and absolute trust in God.


I realize just how challenging seeing God may seem to many, so many harbor reservations choosing a fearful life and doubting even themselves. Its hard to see the truth sometimes.

I discovered the faithless are troubled with wanting proof and the faithful with staying focused on the truth of life. I tell you the reason God blessed me is because I returned to Him and vowed never to go away again. (Repentance) I literally found God.

The writing of Eternus Spirare was the follow up/conclusion to Once Upon a Transcendent Realm. I explained in greater detail how Father God shared with me the truth of salvation, I even went into greater detail regarding The Holy Trinity.

Originally Eternus Spirare covered topics such as spiritual warfare and what we're up against as children of God. I'm sure the next few books will discuss in detail what I've been shown by God of the way the spiritual world affects all of the material world.


When the book was complete I thought perhaps it would change things. I thought surely people will get it now. Not the case, in fact it was never the case. God asked me to deliver His message but it wasn't about writing one or two books, it was about following Him wherever the path may lead. 

I found whatever the direction and whatever the cost, God has our best interests in mind. The road may not always appear as safe or friendly but having faith and trust in Him means knowing He won't let you down, especially when we're faced with great adversity.

The journey to deliver Eternus Spirare was quite challenging, to be honest I would do all over again if it meant getting to help those who we've found along our journey. They are the ones who validated the need for such a book. Eternus Spirare is a culmination of faith and perspective now that I've been shown the world in such a remarkable way by God. Pick up a copy here

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Latin meaning eternal breathe, Eternus Spirare was written to help us grasp there's a difference between faith and belief, and to help everyone with developing a spiritual and unifying relationship with God.

When I began writing this manuscript I looked at the world and noticed it was in need of discernment and application of spiritual truth and how to apply into our everyday lives.

This book covers topics on faith, belief, spirituality, religion, and spiritual perspectives on unity and the application of God's word to our lives. It carries a pious viewpoint, one that was given by God Almighty. It reveals the path of Christ, the truth of God's word, and the way that we're all called to live.

Eternus Spirare is divided into three sections, the first is viewpoint on faith. The second is direct word on what I've discovered on how to nurture a unifying relationship with The Holy Trinity. The third section is on supplication and prayer. (similar to psalms & proverbs) Pick up a copy here

"How precious a gift, Your mercy and kindness; how wondrous a way is Your truth. Like a stream of awesome light, Your word guides me, keeping me upright and faithful. I put my trust in You. I do not fret, God, for I am with You. I do not doubt, O God, for patiently I await Your command. My love, Lord, is for You, for I am not troubled to be cast out and away.

I awake to the truth of life, O Lord, and give thanks for each moment. I eagerly anticipate the hour of redemption. Though the law is just, to the unjust there is peril; to the transgressor there is sin, but to the pure of heart there is love and there is You, O God. I stand fast upright in the spirit with you, and within You all of heaven and earth is magnified. Give to me, O Lord, a perfect peace and create a light for all mankind to see. My God, I trust in You always and love You forever. ~ Amen" "Here's one from the book"