Born and raised in Austin TX you could ask anyone who knew me and they’d say the same thing, "watch out for that one he’s trouble." I was well known for having a really good time.

It’s true I was caviler. I once cared for myself more than for others and selfishly focused on having fun and not being truly mindful of everything.

After  a few years of soul searching and after a great spiritual awakening I found one of the greatest discoveries,  (Transcendence), which ultimately led to some of the things you're finding out about now.

I found myself in the direct presence of God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit up in heaven. (The Holy Trinity) God then befriended me and showed me what I couldn't see. Pick up a copy here

There are two sides to everything in life; if you consider the material then you must also consider the spiritual, after awakening I now see them both.

Many believe there's more to life but it's challenging to focus on that which we don't understand or can't often see. Its hard to keep mindful of the spiritual life in a material world

Over the course of ten years I observed life closely and found worlds within worlds. I found the ways in which we all connect and interact with everything everywhere.

I encountered otherworldly beings, met every hierarchical forms of angles, battled my own inner demons, and encountered persons I'd never heard of before. I reached spiritual enlightenment and discovered what it means to be "As one" with everything.

I didn't realize these experiences were about to reveal something supernatural, extraordinary, otherworldly, and divine in nature. I didn't know they'd lead to God in heaven. 


I realize just how challenging seeing God may seem for some people, so many harbor reservations choosing a fearful life and doubting even themselves. The truth can be tough.

I discovered that the faithless are troubled with wanting proof and the faithful with staying focused on the truth. I tell you God blessed me because I returned to Him and vowed never to go away again. (Repentance) Since then we do everything together now.

The first lesson He taught was "all things are possible with Him." It was challenging to grasp, I was poor in spirit back then but after years of practice I stop falling and learned to stand upright and walk. (Its called the way) God told me grab hold on not ever let go.

Once upon a transcendent realm tells of the insights discovered, the face to face meetings and walks with God our Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. There's actual proof now of our journey back in ancient history. We changed the past together. (God and I) Pick up a copy here


The path is never easy, God said anything worth doing never is. In order to bring these works of ours to life I've endure many things including sacrifice, suffering, and temptation.

I overcame the worlds ways and then was taught to be Godly which in turn helped me to get past myself. Its one of the things I notice so many struggling with these days. Its hard to be godly when we're too busy being worldly. 

Like many I once lived fearful - but since God taught me to be with Him, now I live in love.

Our message is about love, faith, hope, and trust, about living in unity with God and what happens as we follow the path Jesus showed us to walk. Its about letting go of the world and hold onto Him, standing upright and living life in love with God. I tell you all things are possible when we have faith and believe. 

Pick up a copy here


The insights I discovered over the years I share within this book. I wrote the firsthand encounters with god to build the foundation of the messages He asked me to reveal.

This is a non-fiction work. The views and perspectives are rooted in The word, however, the journey is extraordinary and supernatural in nature. Beyond what most understand. 

The boundaries of space/time crossed, the vastness of creation clarified a little more, and the intricacies of the connections we all share revealed in a entirely new way.

This book covers consciousness, energy, physics and the truth of the spirit. It carries both scientific and pious views. The outcomes of my findings were proven time and again revealing life and the rather extraordinary person who created it all - God. Pick up a copy here