Happy Easter

Easter Sunday,

James Martinez - On the set - A Transcendent Documentary

After his crucifixion Jesus was resurrected from death and rose on the 3rd day. I’m surprised whenever people don’t get that Easter is celebrated because of this sacrifice. Its what made atonement with Father God for mankind’s sin. I know if they did know what this meant they’d live like Christ and with Father God.

So many people claim religion and yet so many are lost in confusion thinking that their belief in God is the same as having faith in Him.

How is it anyone justifies ungodly behavior simply because they want for this or that? What gives anyone the right? How is it we can be unforgiving of others and believe God forgives us our sin simply because one says they love Him? So many with the misconception of that their belief in God atones for their poor choices?

The reality of the world is it struggles to understand “God’s Way” and even more so with applying God’s Word into their lives. I’ve met many who think because they profess Jesus is Lord that they’ll make it to heaven.

I’ve seen some of the most horrible acts come from some claiming to believe in Jesus as Christ. But I’ve also seen some of the most horrible acts from others with differing belief systems claiming to love God also.

I’ve found if anyone really loves God then they live as He does. (In love, keeping His commandments and doing right by Him) The world and those lost to it try and justify ungodly behavior. They are attempting to live however they want, not thinking of the outcome or what’s really at stake. (consequences)

Were it not for Jesus saving the life of sinners those lost wouldn’t even have a fighting chance. I say chance because contrary to what some believe there’s work to be done regarding salvation.

And this goes for everyone who chooses life over death. We got to put the work in after the fact, (I’m not talking of being saved through works, I’m talking of suiting up everyday and choosing life over death every day) Living as you’re with God and not with the world.

It’s true we cannot simply be saved on our own accord and we cannot proclaim our own salvation but we do play an important part in receiving the gift that ultimately comes from God. We cannot be seeking God’s approval and the worlds at the same time.

Considering life, we should remember why we have such a gift. Jesus is the reason for salvation. He’s what allowed for our sin to be forgiven, because of Jesus I’ve become part of some amazing things with (The Holy Trinity.) History changing things.

When I look at the world and at those lost within it, I’m reminded many are in need of understanding Easter and why we should live as Christ showed us. This day is a reminder of a gift given for all who believe upon Him faithfully and wholeheartedly and for all who would repent and chose to live in unity, as one, with God.

I remember how I was before and I understood how significant God’s blessing it is to have life now. I recall being poor in spirit unaware of salvation, not being mindful of the atonement that had already been made on my behalf. Like most who are lost I didn’t grasp I was in jeopardy of a forever death and had I not found repentance I would’ve suffered afterlife and surely died.

For anyone still challenged with hearing this faithful message I pray that you find humility. That you take a moment to examine yourselves and let go of the world and anything which might be causing pain and suffering brought about because of sin.

Whether because of thinking this holiday/memorial is some event that goes against your beliefs, or whether you disbelieve or don’t practice religion or understand atonement altogether, I hope you learn of the importance of what’s been done on our behalf.

I hope you come to know Father God, Jesus Christ and The Holy Spirit the way I have. They’ve changed my life for good. They’ve given me everything. They’ve allowed for some of the most amazing blessings you may or may not have heard of.

It’s because of God I’m able to share with you the truth of how to live today and how to live on forever in heaven.

My hope is for you.

I think if God can do what He’s done for a person like who I use to be then surly He can do this for everyone. God bless you, I thank our Father in heaven for you. I thank Him for Jesus and for giving us The Holy Spirit and for saving our lives.

Happy Easter, grace and peace to you my friends.