Many are called, few are chosen

If God had called on you what would you have done?

I didn't understand at first what it meant to be chosen by God. It seems I was destined for something greater than I knew. I had lived for a long while without a sense of direction and didn't know what I wanted out of life, nor did I have a clue yet as to what it was all about.

I lived in the way so many others tend to; I relied only upon myself and tried and tried and tried until it either worked out, failed, or I lost interest. I hadn't realized back then that all things were possible with God, so I tried to do things my way and was limiting myself by doing so. (it was a self centered perspective that most tend to carry towards life)

I see now it was God who was calling out to me over my lifetime. It was Him who was guiding me through the difficulty into a more virtuous way. We all face adversity, life's like this for everyone, only if we disregard the call and try and continue doing things our own way instead of God's way we don't seem to get past our struggles.

Before God transformed me I suffered myself and the ways of the world for a long time. I was caught up with self destruction and with sin. Feeling the after-affects of a failed marriage and the desires of the flesh I wanted for the wrong sorts of things for many years. Unlike now, I didn't know the difference between the ways of the flesh and the ways of the spirit and because of it I misinterpreted much of life, which in-turn brought about a great deal of pain, suffering, despair, and turmoil.

When I finally awoke spiritually I recognized it was God speaking to me over the years and in so many ways, from the music I was listening to, to the literature I was reading, I recognized God had always been calling out to me. Unfortunately our selfish ways tend to bring to life the worldliness we see so many suffering though today. Its seems simple now, lose one's self in order to find one's life. 

My divine encounters began around 2008 I wasn't sure as to how to interpret them but being curious in nature and hoping to know the truth of life and death I sought understanding. I studied every instance of a single moment and practiced implementing all I could learn. (consciousness, energy, the science of life, application, the spirit, etc ....)

After ten years of study one day suddenly it all made sense (the pieces of the puzzle  of the way creation works were revealed.) I realized space and time and then every connection we share along with everything everywhere. I saw the way we affect all things and the intricacy behind it. It amazed me to the point that I wanted to explore, that which I had just uncovered, even further.

It was then I discovered the otherworldly interactions in which we partake in with multi-dimensional beings. (angels/demons/spiritual persons) I observed how our thoughts and emotions form and then create our very lives. Also how those thoughts and emotions lead us down the path we place the most amount of emphasis upon.

I went so far that I literally found God up in heaven and ultimately discovered who He had created me to be. He befriended me and then offered me a job.

I endured a great deal of suffering to be able to discern these experiences and I realize now I absolutely had to go through everything in my past in order to become the person I AM with Him. Thanks to God I got past myself and the ways of the world, then overcame them both and learned to live in unity, at peace, and as one.

Along with this calling though comes a divine purpose; having gone through all I've suffered I know now whats right now thanks to God and because of my difficult past I know whats not right too. Perhaps more importantly is how I learned to keep from having to suffer through the unknowingness of fear, despair, torment, and ungodliness. (worldliness)

I have understanding of the victory God gave to us all through Jesus Christ. (Our Savior) I can discern anyone's path and help them together with God to find their way regardless of wherever they happen to be. Its God's light shining through me and His grace being poured out for others.

Having found Him and having gone about it in one of the most unorthodox ways has revealed a great deal. I'm not stuck in conformity to the world nor do I suffer it anymore. I stand upright and I'm here to remind us that He's with us. Together were bringing the truth of these experiences to the world as we stand fearlessly in love and hopeful for the future.

I encounter many who question whether or not something like this is real, or true, or even possible. I met a pastor once who said, I dont believe you because what you're saying isn't possible. It says so in The Holy Bible. No one can see God. I shared with Him the first lesson God taught me. God said, All things are possible with Him. He asked me to make that the first line of the book.

I spoke with another so called faithful man, a man I'd known for over ten years. He said, Why would God show Himself to me and not to the entire world? I reminded him this is Gods world and He does as He pleases. Why should God have to explain Himself to anyone, especially to anyone who doubts and disbelieves Him and His word?

When I first asked the editor of "Once Upon a Transcendent Realm" her thoughts on the book she said, "I'm not going to tell anyone to buy it. I believe in Jesus." I thought wow so do I. Its because Jesus saved my life I was able to do the things we're doing with God. Its The Holy Trinity who gave me this great blessing.

Their statements revealed the sort of misunderstandings the world carries about things like this. Like others struggling with their faiths, she doubted and disbelieved and because of it she separated herself from an amazing experience that's coming  from Our Father in Heaven.

Having a true relationship with God (The Holy Trinity) means being open to His love, listening to Him as He conveys His messages. Having faith and trusting in whichever direction He creates for you. God does things beyond our understanding sometimes and to be in communion with Him we must have faith in The Lord Jesus Christ while living just as he showed us.

If you're with God you'd recognize the path they've placed for us all and you'd notice those who do the same. God truly does all things, including the things we think are impossible.

I've been blessed beyond measure, I tell you I have no secrets and  Ill be the first to tell you I thought myself unworthy of such a gift at first. I often say to others that I would have chosen someone else, someone more qualified.

I AM glad I said yes to the job, God said from now on  all I had to do is just be myself. My job from then on was to deliver His messages, do His will, and fulfill my vows to Him. To write and to minister His Word. 

All things are possible, if you'll have faith and believe. I remind you as we put God first all things fall into place. When we seek after righteousness we're filled by it, and when we call on the name of The Lord He hears our prayers every time. God asks we live in love with Him at peace and sharing the life we've been given with The One who not only gave it but also with The One who saved it.

Don't be conforming to this world but through the renewing of your minds and spirit, be transformed. Practice living faithfully in oneness with The Lord (as one and at peace)

God bless you
James Martinez