Moving with God, He transcends all things.

Anywhere and everywhere in an instant

Finding God in such a remarkable way revealed one of the most amazing aspects of His omnipotence. He transcends space and time, everything-everywhere all the time. He's The Creator. After making friends with Him He showed me creation in His way. He allowed me to travel with Him through it. God our Father allowed for me to move through space and time with Him.

God revealed His divine nature to me.

Our friendship grew with Him showing me how precious life is. He taught me the importance of virtue, morality, and principality. He taught me to get through the struggles we face with our faith and belief systems. His lessons were meant to bring us closer to each other and to enlighten me to the point of comprehension and unity not just with creation but with Him.

With His teachings and insight I hope for you to discover the truth of His word and how amazing life is when its applied to every moment of our lives. God helped me discern His ways; to grasp the path of Christ and how to create with Him in love. These lessons ultimately revealed a true conformity and unity with Him. Something we're all meant to do in life according to the New Testament. 

God showed me all of life, creation, and so many other-worldly places that are beyond our imagination. I wrote of much of our transcendent journey in my first book. Once Upon a Transcendent Realm.

Father God and Jesus Christ took me to far off worlds, together we moved instantaneous throughout creation/existence. God and I traveled at the speed thoughts. We visited tranquil spots somewhere in creation, places He'd made long ago, perhaps just for our transcendent visits.

We traveled to heaven many times where we planned our works. I accepted the job offered and since have worked on developing these works that are now available because of Him.

I've been held in contempt for doing something I see now was necessary for the deliverance of these works. I suffered for the sake of righteousness in order to bring the truth of God Almighty to the world and these extraordinary blessings to life.

I discovered the steps to spiritual enlightenment, in-fact enlightenment ultimately led to these face to face encounters with God. (The Holy Trinity) These experiences also surpass what much of the world understands in terms of religious belief systems.

I've witnessed space/time and understood it. I've explained remote viewing. I've cataloged three different variations of the out-of-body-experience and I've traveled through the wormhole into different realms/dimensions where I discovered extraordinary and supernatural beings.

I've been much further than perhaps what most people have ever understood of creation thus far. I found the vortex (the tunnel of white light at the end of life). By Gods grace I share these extraordinary encounters with everyone everywhere. I went through it and learned to navigate and over the years ultimately found God in His Crystal Palace.

These spiritual insights didn't just suddenly happen one day. They ensued over the course of ten years and took many more years to discern. I was called to reveal these messages by Father God. Call it fate, destiny, or even predestination if you will - but I remind you God has a plan for all of life.

God loves us, so much so that He sent Jesus to save us from sin so we could have relationships with Him and do the sort of things I've been part of. I use to struggle with understanding and with having faith too, I use to not know the reason for the atonement of Jesus Christ.

It wasn't until after God our Father taught me about why that I was able to grasp the need for salvation. I was given the choice of life and death - I choose life. The truth literally set me free from sin and now together with God we're bringing this message to the world.

I'm here to remind you of the path, the truth, and the way to God our Father in heaven.

For anyone who's skeptical of something as divine as this, (unfortunately there are doubters and disbelievers out there) I invite you to come see for yourself. I challenge you to read my fist book Once upon a Transcendent Realm I tell you there's proof within this book. (dates, times, insights) It all adds up.

I tell everyone the path Jesus showed us is the way of The Christ, the way to be as one with God. (ASWAN) The way I've found thanks to Him.

As God as my witness I tell you together in love we changed the creation thousands of years ago. The message here is love and a unifying relationship that I pray we find and hold onto forevermore. For without God and His love - there's nothing - not even life itself.