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The Creative Outlet of James Martinez

Austin Texas 8.17.21 - James Martinez

God touched me and instantly I became an artist.

3D - JM_TheScientist


Aswan Creations, the place where James co-creates with God to bring everything imaginable to life. Gifted into life in a remarkable way in itself, God gave Aswan Creations to James as The Next Step for their creative journey.

If you know James’ story then you understand the message behind “Unity In The Faith”. If you’re new to this blessing the short of it is this; Together with God we can live in harmony, united in love, co-creating everything as one.

There’s even more to story, so without ruining it for you, we hope you will become acquainted with our Transcendent Journey’s and how our unifying relationship has literally changed the world in one of the most incredible ways ever.

Inspiration can hit at a moments notice, when I’m moved to create I know without a doubt it’ll be wonderful. We’ve adopted the mantra of “Creating Wonderful”, making life a beautiful place, “Painting the sky, writing the words – smiling in love.” Its what we do @ Aswan Creations.

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James Martinez Aswan Creations 2 - 2019
James Martinez Artist

James Martinez Original Art Oils & Acrylic on Canvas

Art flows with creativity and creativity from inspiration. Our vision makes the entire world a better place. Our gifted inspiration – God. (The Holy Trinity) We hope you’re moved by what we’re creating. We hope you’ll want to be a part of it. 

James Martinez Literature Non-Fiction Writing

Writing Books with and for God, (Non-fiction) We’re also striving for Screenplays, and more Manuscripts. James Martinez and Aswan Creations LLC is bringing to life one of God’s greatest works. #Transcendence #Unity #Faith #Togetherness #Oneness #Grace #Spirituality #History #Religion #Love #Righteousness #Truth

James Martinez Artist

I got my first experience with photography in High School, back then the norm was to develop our film in a dark room. I remember the love in capturing those moments and the desire to one day photograph places that were special to me.

Fast-forward years later and little did I know all of the training from my past would become as relevant as it is today. Skills and technique I had dismissed in my youth were coming full circle once again. It seemed everything I had learned was for the future. 

I could say the same thing for typing and grammar. Although my style is continuously developing as a story teller and writer, I know without training I wouldn’t be as efficient and versed as I am now.  

I prayed asking God to allow me to photograph. I vowed to do this for free for anyone in need for an entire year if He would allow for it, and within a few days I had my camera and my love affair with life through a lens started up again. (true story)

James Martinez Artist
James Martinez Artist

James Martinez Photography - NFT


Hiking San Francisco Bay Area, climbing atop the hill overlooking the city. 

James Martinez Artist
James Martinez Artist


San Francisco as night, photo from Twin Peaks Lookout.


One of my all-time favorite captures, “Walking through the tunnel” 

James Martinez Artist
James Martinez Artist


The 360 Bridge @ sunrise in Austin Texas, Lake Austin.


The view from Barton Springs Clubhouse, overlooking Downtown Austin Texas.

James Martinez Artist
James Martinez Artist


Big Sur California, The Bixby Bridge early morning. 

James Martinez aswan films

Manuscripts & Filmworks

Manuscript writing, A Transcendent Documentary, Feature Films

  • New Screenplay Manuscripts – Coming Soon – Date TBD
  • New Documentary Release – Coming Soon – Date TBD
  • New Feature Film-works – Coming Soon – Date TBD