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I always knew one day I’d be an Author

James Martinez - Author, writer, poet, artist - site 2020


Writing Intro - Books On The Way - James Martinez


I’ll never forget it, Father God and I become close. I went for a walk with Him and Jesus Christ. If you’re new to our story I hope you can appreciate the significance of what we’re sharing here. So anyway, God takes me up to my place in heaven and shows me around. 

As we’re finishing up our journey, Father God, with Jesus Christ at His side, offer me this position. I said yes before He could finish with the details. He told me to hold on a sec and hear Him out. That it wouldn’t be easy but If I was willing we would be doing some amazing things in the immediate future.

See I uncovered the truth of how life works. I found the way we all connect to everything, I discovered many differing realms and dimensions, along with supernatural beings far beyond human understanding. I made note of what I found and wrote about it.

When I say I found God I mean this literally. I found Him up in heaven where He befriended me and eventually offered me the job of writing for Him, and delivering His messages.

Our first book Once Upon a Transcendent Realm describes the insights and the many journey’s we took. (I didn’t write of all of them yet) This first book tells of the spiritual revelations and the otherworldly people I encountered. It also goes into detail how we traveled time and changed the past. Our second book Eternus Spirare was written from how I see the world after God sharing it in such a remarkable way. It covers faith and belief, spirituality and religion, as well as a section that’s like an ode to Psalms, with prayers and supplications.

James Martinez


beyond or above the range of normal or merely physical human experience.
“the search for a transcendent level of knowledge”

a transcendent realm - james martinez



Even with all I have encountered, I can remember the beginning; I can remember sensing something extraordinary in this amazing world, feeling in tune and aligned with something beyond my understanding. With my eyes wide open and my eagerness to discover, I set my course on the journey of love and life. I’ve come close to life and to death in search of the greatest moments. I did not understand early on that the path of truth would lead to so many reverent moments of enlightenment.

I did, however, notice peculiar forces at work within my life from a very early age. I experienced my first near death experience at the age of three, and I had an uncanny ability to always pull through close calls, as if destined for something. I did not know that each step of my life was a move closer to insight into the supernatural. We all catch momentary glimpses of the supernatural. We all often experience, in differing measures, a sixth sense; and the knowledge of such supernatural experiences as an intricate part of life was one of the motivating factors of my journey.

I found myself intrigued with the inexplicable aspects of the supernatural—the déjà vu experiences, ESP’s (extrasensory perceptions), telepathy, out-of-body, and even those sanctifying moments of divinity. I heard and read many awe-inspiring testimonies of people who claimed to have experienced such things, in the hopes that perhaps their stories would be detailed enough to give me insights into the supernatural. It was a wondrous entreaty that seemed to manifest itself within me and grab hold of me and propel me further towards the unknown. I had often wondered why we lacked the ability to describe or define something that seemed such an intricate part of all of our lives. I found even with those who had experienced similar encounters, there was no detailed description of answers to the questions which I sought.

I began with a search for the connections we all have to each other. Each lesson I learned yielded greater understanding and insights into phenomena I once considered inexplicable, mythical, or altogether unattainable. Gaining a greater understanding of what it truly means to be otherworldly allowed for revelations into and beyond the boundaries of the mind, body, and spirit.


This is my tale of the search for a connection we all share and of the observations I made, how they were made, and what that represents for those of us in search of the greatest truth of all. My observations were made over many years with persistence and perseverance in many disciplined fields of significance which include intuition; energy of the human body and spirit; and distinctions of the spiritual, supernatural, and celestial. I believe the sincere conclusions I formed go beyond what many would consider palpable or obvious.

I had hopes of finding the missing attribute that compelled me and inexplicably manifested itself within every specific interval in my life, and although my findings took more than eight years to express, they were not in vain. I’ve come to learn that while in every moment of the wondrous existence of life, there is a greater force at work around each of us; it allows us to achieve miraculous, seemingly impossible abilities. Thanks to the force, the abilities I have gained have led to my fundamental perceptions of the essential nature of superlative truth.

This book is a detailed description of my experiences, observations of them, and the miraculous power associated with the divine. Some would call me a clairvoyant and a theologian. This metaphysical narration was written from that viewpoint, but I consider it to also be the study and scientific view of natural phenomena and the knowledge acquired. I hope it gives you insight into the uniting force I believe we are all destined to experience in our lives. 


James Martinez Author, Writer, Poet

I’ve written all our works in jail. (5 books) While agreeing to bring this message to life, it also meant letting go of everything else to do so. There are many factors when considering doing something for and with God, one of them being the spiritual opposition who oppresses humanity. If you’re unfamiliar with The Holy Bible or haven’t yet figured how life works, lets just say anything worth doing is never easy.

Penning each book by hand meant transcribing each one and then editing them. Its challenging enough to write let alone in jail, but having to essentially write each one twice just to edit, has proven to be extremely difficult. We’ve suffered for the sake of righteousness, one could even say we’ve been persecuted for our faith. 

I’m striving with God to release the next two as soon as they’re ready. 

Latin for Eternal Breathe

“All who believe in God can do anything.”

eternus spirare - james martinez



There are many fundamental ideals woven into the fabric of human existence, among them are virtue, morality, and principality. There is righteousness; there is morality and conscience; and ultimately there is God and His love for us. An earnest consideration of these timeless certainties will allow our true selves to become more recognizable to us in every moment.

I hope we boldly seek the truth of God and discover His spirit residing within us and grasp the way to an upright and righteous life within Him.

There is an absolution into which we are all born; it’s called life, and along with the known certainties, it entails unknowns we have yet to discover. These unknowns include the enigma regarding the power and the ability of the spirit, as well as the truth of life after— life. We all seek a better grasp of why various aspects of life are the way that they are; however, for us to comprehend better who we are and who we’ll one day become, we need to all understand existence and how we’re to live within it right now.

We must be mindful of why we’re to perceive Gods creation zealously. Because of our spiritual existence, which endures as we pass on from this world, it’s important to consider both the spiritual and material worlds. This is of great importance if we’re seeking to inherit God’s kingdom of heaven.

Since the beginning, every generation has helped us to move forward in some way, shape, or form. Most notably, we’ve established differing belief systems, customs, and perspectives that help us in understanding the definitive truths of God and our spirit. Clearly, however, our spiritual perspectives for life after—life have become challenged in many ways. I hope we’ll see that spirituality helps us to live fruitfully, to express our faith and our awareness in God more openly, and to develop our relationships with Him and each other. It is an essential way for us to connect with all creation and to express metaphysical and non-physical understandings and emotions toward everyone and everything, as well as revealing our devotion for God.

Consider the truth of God’s Spirit; consider the truth of our spirit living in a material world; consider the reality of the afterlife. Consider that, in every aspect of creation and existence, love is the greatest bond. We must learn of Gods love and discover ourselves as loving expressions of Him. And we ought to understand the afterlife as a loving place for us all to spend eternity. In truthful consideration of eternity, we discover that all creation is to be seen in love, and we thereby grasp how we ought to exist within it here and now.

Love and a genuine acceptance of life is the key to all things. As we love in each moment, each lesson of love further reveals the beauty of life’s complexities. We are inseparable from God’s love, which is intertwined with all creation in perfect precision to bring forth everything in every moment. It has been this way since before the beginning and shall be so forever thanks to God. The nature of love is everlasting and it’s why we all continue to endure afterlife.

Our greatest need is to understand God and His creation, and for this very reason our religious beliefs and spiritual practices were established. Again, it’s clear some lack acceptance of God’s truth for life; and whether these views arose from spiritual unawareness, from a religious misunderstanding, or from a lack of faith or belief in God Himself, the time for comprehension and faithful action is at hand.

Spiritual leaders throughout the years brought knowledge and insight to the people; they sacrificed everything to reveal their faithful perspectives to those in dire need. They have lived and died with purpose and honor, sharing love and living specifically for God. Their messages brought hope for understanding life and creation and have helped us grasp godly morals, upright virtues, and principles so we would accept that there is an existence beyond this world. Their foundations in faith seemed beyond belief at first, but as we look back, witnessing their trials and sometimes tribulations, it is clear why they were mocked, cast out, and set apart: their purpose was for the glory of God and to bring godly insight as they endured the ways of the world and those choosing it over God.

Why, then, is it difficult for human beings to grasp a spiritual truth like spirituality and the truth of after—life when we’ve all been shown the example and given the upright way to righteousness?

Perhaps you ask, “What does spiritual life or eternal life have to do with our lives right now?” Or perhaps you question the validity and truths of the messages of our past spiritual leaders. Maybe you nitpick about dates and times, and relevance, or what appears to be illogical, improbable, or impossible. Consider those who brought God’s messages—those who inspired countless generations to see His truth. Consider their spiritual perspective and what they risked to deliver it. The importance of spiritual revelation is something only God fully understands; however, according to His will, all things are made clear in their due time. So too are the truth of the spirit and the truth of our purpose for being here and experiencing life right now.

Now, there are many who seek to be closer to God, but some who are challenged with receiving the spiritual truth and what life’s really about. There are some who cannot see truth or recognize love. Some wonder why we should even believe in God, and alternatively, how any religion or faith could regard itself as the only way to Him. Some question why people wage war in the name of God or religion. I’ve also encountered some who question why anyone would follow that which seems contradictory to what they can’t see empirically or perceive logically. Many people don’t fully understand what they’re doing here and carry questions, concerns, and misunderstandings of each other and the way that leads to life after—life.

We even carry reservation toward God—and this is why this book was written, to help us discern the spiritual way given by God. I hope you’ll keep an open mind and open your heart as you gain a deeper level of understanding into these spiritual truths of life and life after—life.

Certainly, there are spiritual ways of which we aren’t yet aware, but our inquisitiveness and our yearning to discern are part of the material world into which we’re all born. Questions of who we are drive us to discover of our spiritual selves. However, if we truly seek to know God and what life is really about, why do some people proclaim a faithful love for Him yet not live in love every moment? Perhaps they claim faith but overlook or flat out disregard the perspective of their own spirituality; perhaps godliness reveals their spiritual confusion. Or perhaps those who don’t claim adherence to any religion—or to anything else beyond themselves—are offering poor example for others to witness and learn from. Some would rather serve themselves before God and others, but I remind us all of the word and of the messages we have received from God: He shares with us all an unconditional love for all life and compassion for all persons.

The importance of God’s love is beyond measure. Consider life and how precious it is—how God creates it beautifully. Through His love, all of creation was marvelously fashioned. This world and the entire universe is created as a place in which to love, share, live, teach, grow, and create. We live in a world where all things truly are possible with God, without a doubt; a world designed with love and for love; a world in which God lovingly gives us our hearts’ desire; a world where God asks us to live uprightly in consideration of Him, with the truth of the spirit, as we exercise our faiths in His promises.

We’ve received these loving perspectives of God throughout the years, yet some still seem to be in need of applying them within their day lives. Perhaps the challenge we all face as His children is with accepting the truth of His love and with having the courage to overcome each obstacle we face. What is for certain, however, is His loving word and virtue which reveals a righteous way for us to live.

To understand these aspects we must simply believe in love, following in the steps Gods given us by applying His truthful word faithfully. Then, in this loving conformity He reveals the truth for which we are all created, a unifying spiritual oneness.

Teachings of oneness and the more widely practiced and accepted understandings of Gods word reveal similar religious paths. This oneness is often spoken of with regard either to the self and to God or to the self and the environment. Sometimes it can be seen in terms of the oneness of self and another force within existence, such as the self and the Holy Trinity.

Perhaps you’ve asked yourself which religion or messenger best teaches this oneness perspective. Perhaps you seek your own understanding of religion, faith, or the message of oneness, based on the word of God. Maybe you perceive being as one with Him as unattainable, viewing it as simply too far beyond comprehension or ability.

The glad tidings I bring, however, are of a morally upright way for living in love in every moment, a way I share with you now thanks to God. This is the message of true conformity and oneness, which I myself share with Him.

Truly, there are steps to attainment of this unity with God, a way shown for thousands of years by God Himself. I remind you of the path of a selfless servant filled with mercy and compassion for all others. A path lined with patience and understanding for all things; one filled with moral goodness and godly righteousness. It must be chosen purposefully to honor God in every instance.

I remind you, in short, of the loving and spiritual way of the Christ. It is Jesus who first taught us to seek God and the kingdom of heaven, and to seek spiritual truth and understandings which dwells within each of us. I remind us of His way because of my message of discovery, which revealed to me the differences between an upright, faithful, spiritual life in God’s truth and a life lived selfishly in the material world, serving oneself only.

The truth each of us is seeking is conformity to God in love, and not conforming selfishly to this world. We’ve all been called to live spiritually upright for thousands of years, and I pray we discover just as I have—the truth and the way revealed by God.

Our Spiritual Gardens - james martinez


Together with God we are co-creators of life – you, me, them; all of us create and experience life as His children. Whether we understand this yet or not, we are all meant to share in our experiences with one another, and whether we’ve lost sight of this or haven’t yet grasped the truth of what we’re doing here, there is a reason we were created. For God’s good pleasure. It’s one of the main reasons we’re here. God created our lives with a greater purpose than just ourselves. He had compassion in mind as He fashioned existence along with unity and oneness which ultimately reveals the divine connections we all have in common with Him. It’s a “spiritual” kinship which fulfills our lives and completes His grand design for each of our lives. Sharing His love for life with us helps us to actualize creation while giving existence its truest meaning. Its why we love the beauty of the world and life itself.

When we faithfully perceive reality with the assuredness of that all things have and come from God originally, we see that He creates with an intention of giving us all the best possible experiences, all this as we co-create alongside Him. Why then is life so challenging for so many? Why do we seemingly suffer through life’s experiences? Does God purposefully put us through trials? Is life predictably adverse because He wants that for us, or is it because of a person’s selfish choices, we suffer ourselves and the ways of the world? The truth is God creates life with purposeful timing and divine disposition; He creates with the human tendency in mind as well. That is, that we as people tend to disregard and forget we’re meant to live life a certain way. (With Him) It’s not until we’re met by adversity that what we learn allows us to move in better direction, its then we’re able to see that something is missing or that action must be taken, then as we’ve grasped a greater understanding of why things are the way they are or why we’re suffering, do we grow into a more mindful and hopefully unifying way with God.

Fulfilling experiences are only part of the reason we endure all we do, but there’s also more to it than just suffering through poor choices. The reality of creating life in the best way is one that’s often overlooked by the self-centered and yet even within a selfish life there is meaning and purpose. The truth is God has everything in consideration as He creates, He knows the hearts and minds of every person, and everything unfolds in the manner in which it is destined to. God uses all things to work for the good of those who love Him though, and this brings us full circle to cause and effect, circumstance, and possible outcome. Call it fate, destiny, or even predestination, but there really is a point to it all? We all move in differing directions but with purpose and intention. Creation is designed specifically for us to experience a fulfilling life and in order for this to transpire we must go through all we do so that it may fulfill God’s plan also. So there really are no accidents nor is there coincidence. Life’s created with purpose and on purpose.

Perhaps you wondered if whether or not our lives have the significance we believe them to have, or maybe you’ve considered whether or not our decisions actually affect anything other than ourselves. The point is this; all we feel, express, and act upon affects all of life in various ways. This too is part of the co-creational responsibility we possess but one that’s overlook but those selfishly unaware of it or by those dismissive of God and the way He asks us to live. If we truly are co-creators of life then we must keep in mind how to create. We must remain mindful of our cause and affects on everything and if unknowing of this is, we must take the steps to learn of what this is, and then accept the responsibility to apply that which is asked of everyone.


Consider this, if all we say and do matters so much that we physically affect everything, then we also must affect everything everywhere spiritually as well. And, if this is truly the case why then disregard the spiritual truth of God when clearly there’s so much at stake for us both physically and spiritually? The answer to this is that it’s challenging to stay mindful of spiritual things when we’re focused on the physical, or completely unknowing of the spiritual way. Creating life in a reckless manner, however, is why at times we suffer in the world and why so many suffer their selves still. I remind you within the flesh is the nature of sin and its death which comes as a result of sowing to it. For us to create in the best way we must be pure in heart, filled with spiritual predisposition and willing to create with God willingly sowing physically within this world but spiritually conscious as we do.

Often we ponder what’s the purpose of it all, what are we doing here and why is everything the way that it is? Truthfully there is a plan and but only one who knows it all. Our job as people, however, is to live and fulfill our existence here and now. At the same time we’re given the ability to create and live fruitfully, and with life is a responsibility of living with an understanding of how to do it. Take for example the selfish, those living only to satisfy their wants and desires, and consider how those near them suffer greatly because of it. This is perhaps the greatest reason why God revealed being selfless is best. We’re not only able to live unified in love with Him but it’s in this selfless way that He can create for others. This in-turn gives our lives fulfillment, meaning, and its purpose.

God gives to us everything even the ability to choose whether or not we’ll live His way. He loves everyone so much that He allows us to get the most out of everything choosing to either accept or deny His truthful way. There’s no clearer evidence of this then how He gave us free will and the ability to create in the same way He does. Where we find difficulty though is with trying to live in the way we want thinking there aren’t consequences for doing unrighteous or ungodly things. If as a society we haven’t learned this lesson well enough yet, then we’re destined to repeat it and suffer the consequences. The point is God shared with us the way which allows for everything wonderful to a happen. He revealed that the selfless perspective Jesus Christ exemplified is the way He wants us live. So why then do you think it’s so difficult to follow on the path of Christ?

Consider the world right now. How many would you suppose have lost sight of this way and why would you think something like this has happen? I tell you it’s because many don’t understand there’s a spiritual truth God delivered. As a whole society has been misled as a whole to become to a selfish and self-centered place. Consider all the lessons we learned in our past, the experiences of our forefathers, and all they suffered through in order to help us get to a better place in life, consider the stories of The Bible, consider the revelations of God. Have we truly become so misguided and focused on ourselves that we’ve become blinded to the truth of life and death? Do you not remember what happened in the past by those who disregarded God’s direction? It did not work out too well for them. They suffered the consequences for disobeying and disregarding God.

 Today so much of world disbelieves biblical truth and thinks ancient experiences are myth and that they’re unimportant altogether. Doubt and disbelief have become the norm the faithless skeptics have misled so many. My friends I tell you it’s because of outright disregard of the truth that much of the world suffers itself. Can we not see what has become thought of as acceptable?  Do we not understand unrighteousness leads to death? Surely we don’t think such things would be allowed to go on in such a way.