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A Transcendent Realm





Once Upon A Transcendent Realm by Mr. James Martinez is by far, one of the most interesting accounts told towards the understanding of one’s personal relationship with God along with the journey which is taken towards that end. This non-fiction, easy and illuminating read shares the face-to-face encounter with the Holy Trinity – Father, God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

All in all, Mr. James Martinez’ step by extraordinary step with the Father, the Son, Jesus and the Holy Spirit along with the hosts of visits and personal encounters on this passage is informative, exciting, exceptionally interesting and, to say the least, mind-blowing. – D. Hanney



Even with all I have encountered, I can remember the beginning; I can remember sensing something extraordinary in this amazing world, feeling in tune and aligned with something beyond my understanding. With my eyes wide open and my eagerness to discover, I set my course on the journey of love and life. I’ve come close to life and to death in search of the greatest moments. I did not understand early on that the path of truth would lead to so many reverent moments of enlightenment.

I did, however, notice peculiar forces at work within my life from a very early age. I experienced my first near death experience at the age of three, and I had an uncanny ability to always pull through close calls, as if destined for something. I did not know that each step of my life was a move closer to insight into the supernatural. We all catch momentary glimpses of the supernatural. We all often experience, in differing measures, a sixth sense; and the knowledge of such supernatural experiences as an intricate part of life was one of the motivating factors of my journey.

I found myself intrigued with the inexplicable aspects of the supernatural—the déjà vu experiences, ESP’s (extrasensory perceptions), telepathy, out-of-body, and even those sanctifying moments of divinity. I heard and read many awe-inspiring testimonies of people who claimed to have experienced such things, in the hopes that perhaps their stories would be detailed enough to give me insights into the supernatural. It was a wondrous entreaty that seemed to manifest itself within me and grab hold of me and propel me further towards the unknown. I had often wondered why we lacked the ability to describe or define something that seemed such an intricate part of all of our lives. I found even with those who had experienced similar encounters, there was no detailed description of answers to the questions which I sought.

 I found this book to be enormously helpful in my search for the truths of the universe. If you’re looking for answers to UNIVERSAL QUESTIONS, this is your study guide. I’ve made notes in the margins, cross referenced many of his points to scriptures even talked to Mr. Martinez himself, went to one of his “readings” and attended church with him. I STILL FIND ENLIGHTENMENT when re-reading this book! If you are looking for answers, this, again, is YOUR STUDY GUIDE. – T Keeler



I began with a search for the connections we all have to each other. Each lesson I learned yielded greater understanding and insights into phenomena I once considered inexplicable, mythical, or altogether unattainable. Gaining a greater understanding of what it truly means to be otherworldly allowed for revelations into and beyond the boundaries of the mind, body, and spirit.

This is my tale of the search for a connection we all share and of the observations I made, how they were made, and what that represents for those of us in search of the greatest truth of all. My observations were made over many years with persistence and perseverance in many disciplined fields of significance which include intuition; energy of the human body and spirit; and distinctions of the spiritual, supernatural, and celestial. I believe the sincere conclusions I formed go beyond what many would consider palpable or obvious.

I had hopes of finding the missing attribute that compelled me and inexplicably manifested itself within every specific interval in my life, and although my findings took more than eight years to express, they were not in vain. I’ve come to learn that while in every moment of the wondrous existence of life, there is a greater force at work around each of us; it allows us to achieve miraculous, seemingly impossible abilities. Thanks to the force, the abilities I have gained have led to my fundamental perceptions of the essential nature of superlative truth.

This book is a detailed description of my experiences, observations of them, and the miraculous power associated with the divine. Some would call me a clairvoyant and a theologian. This metaphysical narration was written from that viewpoint, but I consider it to also be the study and scientific view of natural phenomena and the knowledge acquired. I hope it gives you insight into the uniting force I believe we are all destined to experience in our lives.


Not a book that leaves you wondering the same questions phrased differently at its end. James describes supernatural experiences in this book in great detail, providing, if not outright answers to questions, very good signposts to point you on your way confidently. Not your average read by any stretch but a fascinating first-hand account of the author’s own brushes with the absolute. Reads and flows easily, with ideas well-articulated. It will challenge you in a whole new way. – B. Kidd

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a transcendent realm


This story is unlike any other I’ve ever heard. It’s enthralling and fascinating and comes from a man whom I’ve had the privilege to spend quite a bit of time with. He’s one of the most genuine ones filled with so much unconditional love it seems to burst from his seams! His experiences with God described within these pages are awe-inspiring and I think everyone should take the time to read this book…it may just change your life! – Desiree D.