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Original Artworks

60" x 40" - 2016

"The 1977 Gate"

60″ x 40″ – 2016

Before I began expressing our transcendent journey’s I hadn’t painted or done anything creative. I think the last time was back in grade school with finger paints. #GodDidIt He literally touched my hands and I became an artist. We’ve been producing works together ever since.


Much of our works include something revealing the vortex, God told me I was the first to see the world this way. I imagine its “The” way He sees it. I just focus and see the spiritual at the same time as the material. When I learned how to step out of body spiritually I uncovered so many incredible things, one of them that little white light at the end of life so many talk of seeing.

I went through it and found worlds within worlds within worlds. I went so far I found Father God up in heaven. Our work is revealing of the science behind those discoveries. The way life works behind the scenes, spiritually speaking. 

I had always envisioned God holding the world, this is how that thought came out, as I found myself holding onto God. (notice The Seraphim) I got the chance to meet them when I held court with Father God and The Seraph.

18″ x 18″ – 2016

“Holding The Light”

18″ x 18″ – 2016
James Martinez Original Artwork 4

“Twinkling Particles”

24″ x 24″- 2016

Stepping through the vortex truly changed everything. Not only the way I perceive things but that which we’re bringing to life. The art for example, the connections we all share in, the perfect symmetry, the truth behind creation itself. Its all been an influence. I have so many points of recognition of the vortex in my works because of it.

There’s this one moment right as its all coming into perspective, where the material world turns to particle energy. Its like I see it in its simplest form. Then the laws of physics take over, the closer I look at it, the more particles I see falling into the hole. 

When I first transcended space and time I was a bit besides myself. I didn’t know if I died and had become a ghost, God had a laugh at that one. He even put it into a song. “Coldplay – 42” When I first went OBE and almost made it to heaven the 1st time.


“Looking Into a Portal” – 2016 

This is how it looks as we’re visited by spiritual /other-worldly persons. (looking into a portal)


Looking At The Portal


Art has an incredible allure. For centuries we’ve been drawn to artist for their ability to help us see the beauty in the world through creative eyes. It seems mankind has always had a special place for the artist. 

So how do you do it? How does one become an artist? I use to wonder til it happened. Now I know its because God. Like all things, we’re either born into them or we make choices to move in a particular direction and our lives gradually become the sum of our actions.

Some artist go to school to learn the creative arts, others study history and try to further their knowledge through social sciences, english, or natural science. The thing is we’re either gifted with the ability or we’re one of the ones who simply admire the artists works. I don’t think anyone ever becomes an artist, we either are or we aren’t. 

The many otherworldly places I’ve seen, the worlds within worlds stuff, led to my wanting to share the discoveries with everyone. I remember asking God about it I waited eagerly for His response. I felt strongly about not making a move without His approval. So when He said yes I was super excited. 

I made a list of materials. I had asked to spend the whole year painting with hopes of having a show at the end of the year to share our works with the world. (within a few days the materials arrived) Thanks to God.

I was a bit nervous, I hadn’t ever painted before. I thought how am I going to do this, then God moved through me. Before I knew it I was stretching and tacking and putting paint to canvas like a professional. 

I had decided to be as hands on as I could. I learned the priming process, about the different kinds of mediums available and without hesitation I was recreating the insights that had come through over the years. Some of my favorite experiences were with Father God and Jesus Christ. I remember thinking, would it be okay if I painted images of God, The Holy Trinity. Not wanting to offend, I thought who would know their faces better than I. 

Needless to say, I painted images of God. Not to be confused with graven images to worship but paintings of my memories with them that could keep me company on my passage through life. I found it comforting.

I found painting to be such an incredible blessing. To be able to share with the world these other-worldly places I’ve visited, seemed like such a big blessing and such a big  compliment to what we’re revealing. We are talking about history of the world stuff.

Anyhow, our show went nicely too. Here’s one of the flyers to the event. In spite of the negative slander and defamation of character we endured, the turn out was decent for a new artist. (we’re preparing for another)


JM artshow


artwork 1 - James Martinez
artwork 2 - James Martinez
artwork - James Martinez
artwork 3 - James Martinez
artwork 7 - James Martinez
artwork 9 - James Martinez
artwork 8 - James Martinez
artwork 10 - James Martinez
artwork 5 - James Martinez
artwork 4 - James Martinez
artwork 6 - James Martinez
artwork 11 - James Martinez
This image is an ode to traveling with God through time. He played Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as our theme music.

"Allelujah You Sparkle" - 60" x 40" - 2016

This image is an ode to traveling with God through time. He played Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as our theme music.


“Virtue” – 505

60″ x 40″ – 2016

505 - James Martinez - Giclee print - 2018
516 The color of love - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018


“The Color of Love” – 516

60″ x 40″ – 2016


“God First Appears” 

60″ x 40″ 2016

God first appears - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018
Arc Angel - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018


“Arc Angel” 

60″ x 40″ – 2018


“Ambient Morning”

60″ x 40″ – 2018

Ambient Morning - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018
Raindrops - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018



60″ x 40″  – 2016


“The Vortex”

60″ x 40″  – 2016

The Vortex - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018
Shimmering Lights - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018


“Shimmering Lights”

60″ x 40″  – 2016


“309 Inverted”

60″ x 40″ 2016

309 Inverted - James Martinez - Aswan Creations 2018
Gravity Space Time - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018


“Gravity Space Time” 

60″ x 40″ – 2018


“7 O’ 7 on the 7th”

60″ x 40″ – 2016

Seven o Seven on The Seventh - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018
Following Jesus - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018


“Following After Jesus”

60″ x 40″ – 2016


“Everything Happens”

60″ x 40″  – 2017

Everything Happens - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018
1050 Faith - James Martinez - Giclee - 2018


“Faith” – 1050

60″ x 40″  – 2016


“The Flower of Life”

60″ x 40″  – 2016

James Martinez Original Artwork 11
This is one of my first ever portraits. His beard is light with red in it and His hair brownish red to His shoulders.

"Jesus Christ" 24″ x 36″ – 2019

This is one of my first ever portraits. His beard is light with red in it and His hair brownish red to His shoulders.
"Entering The Past" - 60" x 40" - 2016
“Entering The Past” – 60″ x 40″ – 2016

Sort of challenging to put what I’m about to say into words. I meet so many struggling with faith and belief these days, its hard to hear of an experience like this, especially when they’re poor in spirit or week in faith. 

Father God picked me up and literally lifted me out of this world altogether in the flesh. There was a time, not too long ago when I was no longer here in this world. God took me out of it. I didn’t die, it wasn’t a dream, I didn’t hallucinate and it isn’t made up. 

God and I are friends. We’ve been friends for a long time. I was with Father God and Jesus Christ on the other-side of life watching it unfold since long before mankind’s first civilization. (let that sink in a minute)

"God's Courtyard" - 60" x 40" - 2016
“God’s Courtyard” – 60″ x 40″ – 2016

One evening I was in my room praying and giving thanks to God. I was on my bed in complete submission. I hadn’t ever really prayed that way before. I mean I’d always had belief in God but my praise and worship wasn’t exactly where it needed to be.

This one particular night as I leant all the way over, I remember the music playing in the background and a loving kindness taking me over. I felt a swirling sensation on my hands (which I know now was the vortex on each of my palms). As I continued with eyes closed giving thanks and praise, I remember opening them and noticing I was kneeling in an outdoor courtyard.

Directly in front of me a U shaped structure that had a building directly behind it. I looked up and saw the stars shining above. There were two persons to the left and two more to the right. There were position in the center straight ahead, and all of them sat under what appeared to be a pergola. 

I recognized God as “The One” sitting right in the middle in front. I said, “God. You found me. And, God said, “No. You, found me.”

"God's Dining Room & Table" - 60" x 40" - 2016
“God’s Dining Room & Table” – 60″ x 40″ – 2016

One of my favorite experiences with God was before we began writing. Father God took me up to see His place. We all have a place afterlife, He took me to see His. He told me no one on earth had ever seen this place before. It was a tremendous honor, imagine if you will, a structure the size of a small city sitting on the side of a mountain with living spaces stretching from the peak to the ocean at the bottom. Just like those Italian towns on The Amalfi Coastline. 

As we arrived, the first thing I noticed was how tranquil it is. Not one other sound except for water slowly falling onto a rock formation that sat under a 100 ft tall waterfall. It was soothing. We turned the corner and walked under it then came to a large dining room. This image is how I remember that area. 

He showed me around His sanctuary for a little while and took me up to a sitting room just off His bedroom. We sat and spoke of our future works. 

"Powerful Words" - 60" x 40" - 2016
“Powerful Words” – 60″ x 40″ – 2016

After learning of how powerful we are as God’ children I decided to put this image together as a reminder of how powerful our words are. Its says within The Holy Bible that life and death is within the tongue, that is to say that what we say and what comes forth has a significant affect on life. (that’s putting it mildly) 

This image captures how I felt being imprisoned for years and years having to listen to the lost as they took The Lord’s name in vain, blaspheming, cursing God and one another without even knowing what they were doing.

The sad reality of the world and its ways. The irony, having gone through the dark myself and remembering every time I had curse or used obscenities to describe something or other. How different things were now, now that God had called me back to life.