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Understanding Spirituality

Understanding Spirituality - James Martinez

The origins of “spiritual” come from the Latin word spiritus meaning breath. Breathing, an essential element of human life, thus informs that spirituality has something to do with the essence of us living. 

Spirituality is a broad concept, including the sense of connection to something bigger than just ourselves. Being spiritual often involves the search for the meaning of life. Spirituality is a universal thing—something that touches us all. The reason being, we’re all spiritual beings having material experiences.

Its often noted that some find spiritual life intricately linked to an association with church, temples, mosques, or synagogues. Most pray or find comfort in a personal relationship with God, and still others seek spiritual meaning through connections with nature or something creative. 

Whether we call ourselves spiritual or not, we all hope to discover and develop inner wisdom and greater love for our self. Most spiritual persons eventually uncover that there’s something missing which doesn’t entirely reveal who we are or what we’re doing here, spiritually speaking. Its wonderful we can develop an awareness of oneness, as most spiritual persons do, but, as seekers of absolute truth, being spiritual without recognizing God is common to those who have trouble with religion.

Getting to know God intimately and developing personal spiritual relationships through Him is what helps us to find the answers to those questions most of us are searching for. It also allows for us to become more in-tune with who we are in this world and what we’re truly capable of in love. (all things)

Its perhaps the most important reason for needing a more complete understanding of spirituality as it refers to unity and godliness. There are some things we simply cannot forsake!

spirituality - James Martinez

There is a difference in being Godly and religious, just like there’s a difference in being spiritual and worldly. The biggest difference though is whether we know God, or rather, if we’re known by Him.

On Being Awoke

  • 400 - 500 AD

    Where does Spirituality come from?


    Spirituality” first began to arise in the 5th century and only entered common use toward the end of the Middle Ages. In a Biblical context the term means being animated by God. Historically, the actual words religious and spiritual are often synonymous with various aspects of the concept of religion. 

  • Although many would say being spiritual has to do with a person’s seeking understanding of transcendent questions that confront us as a human beings, its these connections as well as everything else we share a common bond with which helps define our spirituality. Few have been able to encompass its true meaning through doctrine, Mesa Faith is striving with God to bring this greater perspective to life.

  • As we’ve mentioned before, spirituality is many different things to many people. We understand religion was created as a materialized expression of our spirituality with regards to God. Just as those calling their selves spiritual are seeking purpose and understanding, true spirituality reveals not only our purpose, but why life is the way it is, plus how to go about living it in the best possible way.

  • Its a challenging thing to have a belief. Some question absolute truth and others the need to have anyone overseeing their lives in the first place. Truly grasping the concept and reason for discernment requires a bit of faith. Something not everyone seems to possess. (not openly anyway) Faith and belief should go hand in hand but the world is the world for a reason, and without proper faithful foundation, its hard to know what’s truth and what’s opinion. True spirituality has this in common; we are seekers of truth.



The goal of meditation is to go beyond the mind and experience our peaceful nature. But, as anyone who’s tried to meditate probably already knows, the mind itself is the biggest obstacle standing between our selves and peaceful bliss. Meditation is a loose term referring to any of a family of practices in which a practitioner trains their mind or self-induces a mode of consciousness in order to realize some sort of benefit. And, contrary to opinion meditating is not just a yoga thing or a Buddhist thing, its a Godly thing. God has been instructing us to meditate on His Word since the beginning. (Peace Be Still) Perhaps the greatest benefit when obtaining balance is spiritual enlightenment. The place where life makes sense, where we lose ourselves and find ourselves. Its been called many names such as Nirvana but contrary to ancient religious beliefs, its not the end of the birthing or rebirthing process, (which by the way isn’t how life works), it signify’s the beginning of spiritual unity. An enlightened path of unity and togetherness, the path to living in perfect harmony with The Lord. (The Transcendent Path)


True spirituality opened the door and allowed for the discernment of life. It led to enlightenment, to heavenly places beyond the material. It led to faith, to truth, to God. Without fully understanding and applying God’s Word tho, I wouldn’t have fully understood the meaning of it all. – James Martinez

James Martinez our-spirituality 2
James Martinez our-spirituality

Many claiming to be spiritual these days do not possess a relationship with The Lord, because of this they give the same sort of poor example of those claiming religion but not practicing what they preach. Staying mindful that we’re all at different levels of understanding, whether we consider ourselves spiritual or religious, we must all realize the most important aspect of life itself, is God. “Be Godly” — James Martinez

People who identify as being spiritual often ask;

  1. Am I a good person?
  2. What is the meaning of my suffering?
  3. What is my connection to the world around me?
  4. Does everything really happen for a reason?
  5. How can I live my life in the best way possible?
Spirituality - James Martinez - understanding

On Being Spiritual . . .

Let me start with saying only God is good! Much of society today wants to believe that they’re good, even though we witness unrighteous antics and ungodly actions every day by just about everyone. So many of us are lost, spiritually confused as to how to live “The Way” that’s most pleasing to God. Its important to have understanding of the sinful nature of the flesh and the difference between sowing to the spirit and sowing to the flesh.

We don’t have to be spiritual to understand there’s a battle of good and evil in the world. We do, however, need to be faithful and knowledgeable of the truth as to why. When we gain discernment, we understand because of the sinful nature of flesh we encounter suffering in this world. 

Sadly for reasons far too great to explain in one paragraph, we are all caught up in this. Looking all the way back to the beginning, to the fall of man, we have all suffered the flesh, being born in the bondage of sin. Its a long story, all the more reason for having an understanding of salvation.

Are we going to suffer needlessly or for the sake of righteousness? This is a relevant question because we all suffer in this world, sometimes at the hands of the unrighteous, other times because of the choices we make. There’s always cause and effect. We live in a world with rules and laws which we’re to adhere to or suffer consequences, and I’m not just talking about man’s law either. God gave us 10 commandments to follow and adhere to.

Yes, everything happens for a reason! There is such a thing as destiny and fate. People tend to reject the idea they’re not in control of their own lives, that’s just our worldly selves trying to make sense of what we’re doing here and how to live our life. When we have no concept of life or death or what its about, its easy to form an opinion or get in line with something comforting that gives some sort of rational an explanation, even if its not true.

God came up with a plan for life, He thought about it and put it in motion. He exercised His faith and the world became what it is today. He knew everything would be the way it is. He’s waited on us this whole time. Even the stuff we suffer, He knew about it in the beginning. But, He also knew how to move us through it into a better place. 

Think of life as this great big class room where we either learn to live or we die. (pure and simple) We are all given the choice to choose life or death.

That connection we all share in is because we’re all part of God. We’re all part of His faith in motion. Let that sink in a minute. Right now, everyone of us are alive within God’s faith. We’re connected by energy because its all energy. The material and the spiritual are connected energetically. God being The Creator is connected to everything, as are we, being made in His image, and haven been given the same abilities as He. That’s why all things matter, its all connected — everything affects everything else.

Our connections to the world are unique but quite similar. We all feel, we all experience highs and lows, and everyone enters this world the same way and we all exit in the same way. The thing is to grow spiritually because one day we are all destined to become spiritual beings. Though many are challenged with understanding what comes afterlife, there is much work to do if we’re to reach the best place possible after this life.

Contrary to some belief systems, we don’t get do overs, we don’t get to come back and try life again and again until we get it right. We either learn to live or we die. And, there’s even more to it, we’re to learn to live in love with The Lord. (The Holy Trinity) This is where it gets pretty difficult for many. So many are turned off by the idea of someone being Lord over them and because of the bang up job religion has done over the years, many have been turned off the understanding of what it means to have unity in the faith. 

Everyone wants to know how to live in the best way possible, Father God already explained this. He gave us “The Perfect Example”, He sent Jesus to live and ultimately to die for us. Trying to reinvent the wheel has caused many problems in this world. We can’t be Godly and worldly at the same time, so we must decide. “Life or death” Choosing death means living however we please, sowing to the flesh doing whatever you want, giving our-self all we desire, thinking there are no consequences, answering to no one.

Its caused countless generations to be lost and created all the pain and suffering that no one likes. 

Choosing life on the other-hand means letting go of one’s self, letting go of the world (something we’re going to have to do one day anyway). It means having God first sowing to the spirit, doing His will, as it is done in heaven. When we do this our lives gain meaning, we’re able to serve one another and truly experience what life was created for. God helps everyone in this world, He works through the faithful, those willing to serve, as all who experience such a thing find their needs met and their lives fulfilled.  

Spiritual Gifts

The Book of Romans, (12:6-8) The Bible speaks of differing gifts according to the grace given to us, that we should use them: that if for prophecy, in proportion to our faith; if for service, than in our serving of others; for those who teach, through our works; and to the ones who exhorts, in His exhortation; for the ones contributing, in generosity; and for those who lead, with zeal; and especially for the ones who perform acts of loving kindness and mercy, that they should be done with all joy and cheerfulness.

1 Corinthians, (12:7-11) But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to each for the profit of all: for to one is given the word of wisdom through the Spirit, to another the word of knowledge through the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healings by the same Spirit, to another the working of miracles, to another prophecy, to another discerning of spirits, to another different kinds of tongues, to another the interpretation of tongues. — The One and the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each individually as God wills.

Speaking on spiritual gifts from God; each has their own, one of one kind and one of another. As we have begun a new world everything has changed and this means that we’re in need of greater understanding, a greater spiritual awareness. For eon’s mankind has wondered about the spiritual side of life and tried best we could to make sense of how to go about doing things. Only recently have we become as aware of our spirituality as we are today. We do know now there are multiple realms and multiple dimensions. I’ve also discovered there are many otherworldly spiritual beings withing existence. Because of The Holy Bible we know there are spiritual forces at work within life that have great impact on our lives. We’re just now become aware of our place within this great gift from God that’s helping us grow spiritually with this new knowledge. 

Just so I’m clear on this, we’re all capable of these incredible spiritual gifts. Although we all have varying degrees of ability and understanding, these spiritual gifts are something we can all utilize and possess. Nothing to be alarmed of either, there’s nothing in this world that’s truly secret or kept hidden, especially from God.  

When we fully understand who we are, as God’s children, we will be able to fully embrace these gifts and help one another in ways we haven’t yet grasped. We’re talking a brave new world here, talking without speaking, the end of sickness, communicating and traveling in ways the majority of us can’t yet comprehend. This is the world God has created, and although many of us haven’t yet reach the point where I AM, its my hope we can all learn to live in the best way possible. (in perfect harmony with Him, in love, following after Jesus, doing everything imaginable as one)